A Norfolk wedding photographer, who loves to click, drum & cycle.

Hi I’m John, a multi-award-winning wedding photographer and photography instructor based in Tunstead just outside Norwich. I work from a studio-come-mancave in the grounds of my house, am married to Linda, have two daughters Emma and Charlotte, two very disobediernt black labradors and a flock (is that the right word?) of chickens. When I’m not out shooting or processing images there’s nothing I like better than to sit behind my drum kit and bash out some rhythms to great music.

I was voted runner-up in the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) Photographer of the Year awards in 2012 and I know that I am very lucky to be doing what I’m doing. Weddings are such amazing events – joy, love, laughter, occasionally sadness and often embarrassment (if the best man is doing his job properly) are all present. Sometimes pictures present themselves to you immediately but often looking a little deeper can reveal some incredible images. The secret is being in the right place at the right time and remaining an observer in the background is undoubtedly the key to great pictures.

I believe I am unique in offering not just still imagery but also audio recordings of your ceremony and speeches. The sound recordings from your ceremony are mixed with music of your choice and overlaid onto your photographs to produce a stunning cinematic slideshow, adding a whole new level of storytelling to your pictures. Full audio recordings of the speeches are also provided as part of every package.

A short sample slideshow featuring some of my favourite wedding images overlaid with my audio recordings can be found under the Images link. You’ll also find plenty of real client slideshows and full sets of their wedding images here too.

I’m assisted at each wedding by a second professional photographer to ensure maximum coverage. Having two photographers ensures you get a wider variety of angles and viewpoints and even more captured moments.

More information on the way I work, what I can offer you on your wedding day and my package prices can be found in my brochure which is downloadable from a link in the Info menu.