Ross and Teresa got married a month or so ago in the Roman Catholic church at the top of Grapes Hill in Norwich and then headed off for their reception at Stoke Mill on the outskirts of Norwich, and it has to be said that it was one of my more eventful weddings 🙂

It was absolutely scorching even by the time we turned up at Ross and Teresa’s house for bridal preparation. It must have been 30 degrees by 10am in the morning but everyone seemed calm and fairly relaxed (even though Teresa had had to make a last minute dash to Stoke Mill in the morning to decorate the place ready for the afternoon).

About an hour and a half before the ceremony we duly headed off to the Cathedral to catch up with Ross and the rest of the boys and all was well. The bridesmaids all arrived on time and told me Teresa was a few minutes behind in a beautiful old vintage car so I headed outside to wait for her arrival. And we waited and we waited some more. After about 20 minutes Ross was looking quite worried! What had happened was that her car had succumbed to the heat and broken down on route to the cathedral leaving Teresa stranded with no phone and no transport. What else could a bride in that situation do other than hitch a lift with a passing stranger & instead of arriving in a lovely vintage wedding car Teresa turned up in a Ford Fiesta (much to mine and everyone else’s surprise as we tried to shoo them away as there were no free parking spaces available.

After catching her breath and de-stressing a little the rest of the day was fairly uneventful! (although we did have to negotiate the Lord Mayor’s procession in the afternoon as well).

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