A few weeks ago I headed down south of Norwich towards Thetford for Joseph and Lara’s wedding where the ceremony was scheduled for 7:30pm in the evening.

The weather on the day before had been fabulous (I was out shooting Lara and Grant’s wedding picnic the day before) but Sunday morning was horrible and cold with lots of dark grey clouds. Not a great start for an outdoor ceremony and reception! The Gods however must have been smiling on Joseph and Lara as by mid afternoon the clouds had begun to lift and the sun came out and it was a beautiful and warm evening when we arrived at the house to begin photographing some of the preparations for the wedding. The ceremony itself was incredibly moving with one of Joseph’s oldest friend conducting and Joseph and Lara reading personal and handwritten vows to each other – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

norfolk wedding photographer

What a wonderful table layout!

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-002 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-003

Because all the preparations were nice and close by I was able to flit easily between Lara getting ready and then shots of Joseph and their guests arriving

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-004 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-009Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-005 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-010Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-006 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-007

Lara was keen to have a contrasting picture of his and hers wedding footwear 🙂

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-008  Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-011 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-012 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-013 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-014 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-015 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-016 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-017 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-018

Joseph bought Lara a beautiful bracelet on their wedding day

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-019 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-020 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-021 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-022 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-023 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-024 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-025 norfolk wedding photographer Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-027 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-028 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-029 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-030 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-031 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-032 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-033

Just as dusk was beginning to fall we took some shots of Joseph and Lara in the garden – it was just that perfect time of the evening when the natural daylight was quite low and soft allowing the fairly lights to register as well

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-034 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-035  Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-037 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-038 norfolk wedding photographer


norfolk wedding photographer Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-041 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-042 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-043 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-044 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-045 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-046 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-047 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-048

Lara’s Gran was in South Africa and actually participated for most of the wedding via an iPad but Lara wanted her to know how special she still was

Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-049 Norfolk_Wedding_Photography-050