Watch a slideshow of Edward & Jennifer’s wedding here …



On one of the nicest days in April, Ed and Jen got married at the King’s Centre in central Norwich followed by some photos of the two of them in the cloisters at Norwich Cathedral. It was a relatively short duration wedding for me starting just before the ceremony and ending after the pictures at the Cathedral. I began the day with a quick shot of their wedding rings before the arrival of Jen.

A last minute makeup fix for the bridesmaids.

Jen arrives looking fabulous.

The ceremony itself was a very joyous occasion. I love this look that Jen is giving Edward (although he seems completely oblivious!).

At one point during the exchange of vows Edward managed to get Jen’s name wrong much to everyone’s amusement (although Best Man Matt looks like he can’t believe what just happened!).

Some shots taken during the drinks reception after the wedding ceremony

Mid-way through the afternoon the bridal party made the short walk to Norwich cathedral through Norwich city centre.

A fun shot of Jen & her bridesmaids in the cathedral grounds

After some more formal groups, the rest of the bridal party went back to the reception leaving just myself, Ed & Jen to go off and explore the cloisters. The light was absolutely stunning and fortunately there were relatively few people walking around (and those that were very politely moved on!). I could have stayed there for hours just shooting away to my heart’s content . As it was we probably stayed a lot longer that we had intended but I think the photos were definitely worth it. Here are some of my favourites.